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Bobcats are somewhat larger than most housecats. This cat can weigh from 14 to 45 lbs. It has a stubby tail, which is where the “Bob” comes from in the name. The upper coat is brown with black spots, and the undercoat is white with black spots. The legs are banded and the ears have tufts.  They are considered the most vicious cat of this size. They range from Canada to Central Mexico, and have been prized in the past for their fur.

Rabbits are the Bobcat’s favorite meal, but they will also settle for birds, insects, rodents and even deer. In a pinch they will also eat insects, and often, they will attack farm animals such as geese, ducks and chickens. Small domestic dogs and cats could also be considered prey if they are left outside at night.

Bobcats mark their territory using claw marks, feces and urine. They generally have more than one den in which to retreat, and they are active during twilight hours before sunset and a few hours after sunrise.