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The Coyote is native to North America. It is abundant across the USA and can be found in forests, prairies, on mountains, deserts, in chaparral and in urban areas as well.  Well-fed males can weigh up to 44 pounds, and females up to 40 pounds, but it is rare to see them this large. They feed on birds, frogs, fish, rodents, deer, rabbits, road-kill, insects, grass, domestic animal droppings, domestic animals, domestic animal feed, wild berries, prickly pears, and even fruits and vegetables in people’s gardens and farms.

Coyote hunting in the prairie grass of southern California.

Coyote predation persists in some rural areas. Although rare, Mountain Lions may hunt and eat coyotes. Coyotes will often den beside the Grey Fox, but in Southern California, Coyotes have been known to kill fox kits.

Coyotes mark their territory with urine and scratching the ground. They live in dens that can vary from drainage pipes, thickets, rocky bluffs, hollow logs, dry river banks and many, many more.

Coyote fur was considered worthless when other furs were more abundant, but in the 1950s, Coyote fur came into vogue. It was used for jackets, muffs, scarves and collars. Coyote fat was also used as a spread, similar to butter.