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California Jimson Weed, Hairy Thorn Apple, Hoary Thorn Apple, Recurved Thorn Apple, Sacred Thorn Apple are some of the common names used for Datura wrightii. This plan is unsafe and is a hallucinogen. Native Americans used this plant to induce visions during their rite of passage ceremonies.  This plant blocks functions of the nervous system and can be deadly as it has chemicals that are toxic. Side effects can include blurred vision, trouble breathing, hallucinations, panic and death.  In addition, it will complicate many existing medical problems which can lead to a worsening of the medical problem.

Despite the toxic issues above, the flowers are strikingly beautiful. You can find them in most open spaces in California from April through October. The seed pods are most interesting with their spiny, globular capsule, which is where the name “Thorn Apple” comes from.