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The Grey Fox may be found all over most of North America, Canada and in a few South American countries.  They are generally difficult to see since they easily blend in to their habitat.

Their coloring is mostly grey to blackish, and they may have patches of reddish fur behind their ears and on their neck, and white patches on their face, chest and belly.  They have a beautiful long, fluffy tail. They have sharp claws which helps them to dig for food, and to help them when fighting.  These foxes are very strong and very fast. They can actually achieve 20 MPH!

Their diet is quite varied, including rabbits, berries, nuts, grasshoppers, crickets, and other small rodents, fruits and bugs.

One of the most interesting facts about these animals is that they often sleep in trees! Yes, they can climb trees…the only fox that has the ability to do this!

The Grey Fox mates for life, unless one of them is killed. Then, they will search out a new mate. Litters can range from 1-7.  Only the strongest of the pups will survive. Food quantities often dictate how many pups will survive, and those will generally be the strongest of the litter.  By the time the pups are 4 months old, they are left to survive on their own. At this age, some will become victims of predators.  Predators may include Coyotes, Birds of prey, Bobcats, and Pumas.