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On March 12, 2019, the 91st anniversary of the St Francis Dam Disaster, Congress passed the bill which established the St. Francis Dam Disaster National Memorial and National Monument. Thus ended nine decades of neglect of the memories of the over 400 people who perished in the disaster.

The bad news:
What the Congress didn’t do was to assign any money towards building the Memorial. The expectation of the Congress is that our community will work to get the funds to build a visitor’s center and memorial wall along with the supporting infrastructure. The Memorial is to be built and administered by the US Forest Service. Unfortunately they have no money for this. They need our help.

We can make history:
The St. Francis Dam National Memorial Foundation has been established to complete the work that Congress didn’t. We will raise the funds to help the Forest Service build and administer our National Memorial. We must succeed. For the sake of the victims of the disaster. For the pride of our community in building a proper National Memorial.

You can be a part of history:
We’re starting with you, our friends and neighbors. Your donations will lay the foundation for accomplishing this noble goal. Once the Forest Service has decided on a preliminary design for the Memorial, we will be approaching Corporations, grant Foundations, and others for the remainder of the money needed to build.

Thank you for your support:
When it is completed, we can all be proud of the legacy that we will leave to future generations in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles. Please give what you can!