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Mormon tea is made from the plan, Ephedra nevadensis. It is a simple process. Dried branches are boiled in water to make the tea. In the past, the tea was used to treat colds as it has the effect of drying up body secretions. It can also lower blood pressure, treat coughs, congestion, boost the immune system, help those with kidney infections and allergies.  The tea can only be made from Ephedra nevadensis, not other Ephedras, which can be dangerous to consume. Ephedrine, which is found in these other Ephedra plants is a stimulant and can be addicting.  Drinking tea from these Ephedras has led to death in many cases, due to cardiovascular events. In the past, these plants were used for weight loss and cold medicine, but now, these compounds have been excluded from medicines due to their powerful and dangerous side effects.

If you choose to taste Mormon tea, we suggest that you purchase it from a reputable purveyor rather than trying to identify the Ephedra nevadensis yourself.