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The Pacific chorus frog, aka The Pacific tree frog can be found throughout Santa Clarita, including the St. Francis Dam site. They can easily be recognized by the dark band on both sides of their head called and eye stripe.  One of the most interesting things about these frogs is that they can change colors from brown to green to grey.  These little 2 inch frogs have sticky toe pads they use for climbing onto twigs, branches and rocks

Typical habitat for these frogs is a riparian habitat, but they can be found in many other places unusual for frogs such as chaparral and farmland. The dam site has year-round water from San Francisquito Creek, although we’ve seen these frogs hopping among the chaparral in search of a meal. Pacific chorus frogs eat spiders, flies, ants beetles and most other insects.  These frogs fall prey to snakes, reptiles, birds such as herons, raccoons, Opossums, badgers and other animals on site.