“Big Bad Bodie-High Sierra Ghost Town” Book


Bodie California is the most well-preserved ghost town in the West. It is also a State Historic Park, located at an altitude of 8,369 feet and five miles from the California-Nevada border. The town reached a population of 10,000 in its heyday in 1877-1882, and gold and silver production topped $100 million (based on today’s prices). Bodie consists of 175 buildings kept in a “state of arrested decay” by the State, which means they will never be restored, but are prevented from further deterioration through a system of constant repair. The authors of “Big Bad Bodie-High Sierra Ghost Town” discuss the man, Bodey, schools in Bodie, Vigilantes, People from Bodie, (Anna Alena DeChambeau McKenzie and Bodie Bill), A Hot Time in the Old Town, A trip to Mono Lake, Bodie’s Scourge, Mark Twain, Big Bad Bodie, the Railroad, and the Avalanches of 1911. If you’ve never been to Bodie, or want to go….this is a must-have book.

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