“Deep Enough: A Working Stiff in the Western Mine Camps” Book


This book contains some fabulous stories that you would never hear today. “Deep Enough: A Working Stiff in the Western Mine Camps”, which chronicles Frank A. Crampton’s early years, is truly a treasure. As a 16-year-old kid, he ran away from his home in New York, spending time in almost every mining camp from Chicago all the way to California from 1900 to 1920. He became a Bindlestiff, a hard-rock miner, and then later he became an assayer, surveyor, and a mining engineer. When you read this book you too will experience life in the mining camps, the characters he describes, the hardships, and the joys. Published in 1956, this is considered a very scarce book. It is covered in a mylar film cover, which has kept it in good condition.

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