“Gold, Guns and Ghost Towns”


All the rough and ready, gold-crazy exuberance of the old West is captured in these stories of the ghost towns of the Owens Valley. The days when men, good and bad, were motivated only by the lust for nuggets and gold dust have been sympathetically yet humorously chronicled by the late W. A. Chalfant.

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Chalfant’s anecdotes are more than mere legends or tall tales, for as Horace M. Albright says in the Foreword, “he was a born historian with the instincts of a careful research technician. People are his most important consideration-people like Mary McCann of Bodie who “asked no odds of anybody, and was mannish in pugnacity as well as in language,” the people like Shorty Harris, desert rat and “Single-blanket jackass prospector.”  Those who have a hankering for the tales of the early Argonauts who thronged west in search of gold will be delighted with the hardtack and salt pork authenticity of Bill Chalfant’s stories. A riveting tale of the ghost towns of the Owens Valley.

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