“Mammoth Gold-Ghost Towns of Lake District 1877-1898” Booklet


Though faint with each passing year, the shock waves spawned by California’s Gold Rush were still sending individuals and groups into the mountains to prospect every hillside and pan every stream. One such group, wild looking for the “Lost Cement Mine” in 1875, made a promising discovery along the western face of Red Mountain. Within two years, a familiar pattern had been set in motion, a pattern that had been seen countless times in California’s brief mining history, a pattern that would unfold once more in the spectacular natural setting of Lake District.

Here, the growth, “boom, “ and “bust” of Mammoth City reflected, in microcosm, many of the characteristics common to California’s mining frontier. Here are the stories of the discovery, the rise of a growing camp, the men, the mill, the mines, a flourishing town, the inevitable decline, and the final collapse. “Mammoth Gold-Ghost Towns of Lake District 1877-1898” is a great history of the Lake District Ghost Towns.

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