“Pioneers of the Mono Basin” Book by Margaret Calhoun


“Pioneers of the Mono Basin” is a great book, written by the daughter of pioneers Anna and Charles Currie, who were her inspiration.

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She talks of her parent’s friends, mining during the gold strike era, encouraging them to come to California where every creek and every mountain was filled with gold! Her parents settled on a ranch in Mono Basin. She mentions Dog Town, Monoville, Bodie, Benton, Bridgeport, and Mammoth, all of which feature prominently in her stories. There’s lots of intrigue in the book…The kidnapping of 1880, the story of Sheriff Dolan’s Death, and much more. She also includes some old-time recipes that the pioneers used, such as Honey Candy, How to Render Lard, Sauerkraut, Hominy, Wheat Cereal, Cottage Cheese, How to Churn Butter, Hog’s Head Cheese, Homemade Soap from left-over grease, Home Made Sourdough bread,  Squaw and Sagebrush teas. She also includes Mono Lake Water Gargle for sore throats!! This is indeed a fun read.

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