This is an AKITA CYBER IOT SECURITY DEVICE 2.4 GHZ Firewall Works with Router Sealed. — works through WiFi and it has been opened and used. This is not a router. Designed to work with IoT devices to protect smart TVs smart cameras smart locks and others — not for computers or smartphones or tablets — no subscription required with the free plan.

Note: This is a used and open box item.

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  • STEP ONE – CHECKS SECURITY VULNERABILITIES OF YOUR SMART HOME – Activate your Akita device with a very easy setup: Just hook up Akita to your router, download the app, scan the barcode, enter your email and that’s all. (5Ghz networks are currently not supported.) Upon Akita activation, security vulnerabilities of your Smart Home Network are audited using patent-backed methods and third-party Intelligence Sources that were previously only accessible by enterprises and the military.
  • STEP TWO – FIX DISCOVERED SECURITY VULNERABILITIES ACCORDING TO THE USER-FRIENDLY MANUAL – During the first 24 hours you will receive a report with discovered security vulnerabilities and general instructions on how to fix them. (Subscription members can also access tech support with just the push of a button on the app.)
  • STEP THREE – FREE WEEKLY SECURITY REPORTS – Get a FREE weekly update on the security status of your network to be sure that new IoT (Internet of Things) devices or software updates of existing IoT devices have not caused any new security vulnerabilities. (Subscription members can also access tech support with just the push of a button on the app.)
  • STEP FOUR – LET AKITA PROTECT YOUR SMART HOME – Akita.Cloud is the only SaaS platform for Smart Homes that has a 24/7 human-assisted Security Operations Center to ensure your smart home is secured from IoT invasions such as botnets, cryptojacking, and AI-powered attacks in real-time.
  • STEP FIVE – WHILE AKITA PROTECTS YOUR SMART HOME, EARN SOME MONEY – Akita Community “Guardians” gives you the opportunity to help Akita subscribers and earn “Loyalty Points” that can potentially become an additional monthly income.

There’s no such thing as too secure. Akita regularly updates to stay on the cutting edge.

Hackers don’t care where you are in the world, so we’ve got your back no matter where you live.

Akita stays alert 24/7, ensuring nothing suspicious goes on, even when you’re sleeping or away.

Does not use the Deep Packet Inspection(DPI) method. Your personal data stays private. Akita architecture doesn’t even enable us to access it.

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