Runes were made in Sweden between 500 and 800 AD. More than 3000 are known. They were created in the early Viking Age. As the runes were developed and as they transformed over time they came to stand for more than just sounds. They held magical properties to people who used the runes for casting. They were still being used for writing so they held a phonetic sound as well. The name of each rune held a certain meaning and could stand for an item or an idea. This rune was recreated in 2020 following the design of an original rune from Sweden.

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All of the designs were taken from real petroglyphs and runes.  All of them were made by hand in 2020 by one of our board members. The flagstones were part of a deconstructed patio/sidewalk that was dumped at the dam site. A local 501c3 cleaned up the dumped load, and instead of sending the flagstone pieces to the dump, it was decided that it would be put to use to help us raise money for the visitor’s center at the St. Francis Dam site. The idea to make the faux petroglyphs and runes was hatched.  Because these are recycled chunks of flagstone, there may be some cement noticeable on the piece, stains, or other stuff that may have dropped upon it when it was a patio.  Note: We cannot tell you where the real petroglyphs are located.

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