Seven Hand blown Toasting Goblets and Vase Holder


Here we have 8 toasting goblets for your next event, be it an elegant dinner, a wedding, New Year’s Eve, Christmas or a Summer BBQ. These goblets come in a vase to keep them upright. WHY, you ask? Because, the goblets do not have a base, so they cannot stand on their own. When you pour your guests a goblet of champagne, they have to drink it all because they cannot put it down. What a way to celebrate!! There are 7 goblets. Three of the goblets are larger than the rest. They are clear on top with colored stems. The remaining 4 are a little smaller and have colored stems and tops. The colors of the smaller ones are green, pink, blue, and purple. The larger goblet stem colors are cobalt, brown, and purple. There are 7 goblets because the hostess will be serving.

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Weight 4.848 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 11 in


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