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These lovely flowers are called Nupitchi in the Paiute Language. In English they are often referred to as “Pinecone Flower”. The common name that they are most often referred to is Yerba Mansa, and the Latin name for them is Anemopsis Californica. This plant was used for medicinal purposes by the Native Americans to treat stomach disorders, fever, chest colds, swelling and as an antiseptic wash.  This plant loves to live in moist soil. I’ve seen it near springs, in wet meadows, and even in a parched desert area where water flows.  At the St. Francis Dam, they live in the moist area along the old decommissioned road that is flooded every year when it rains. This area remains moist year-round, especially if we experience a lot of rain during the previous winter.

The flower resembles a pine cone, hence, the English name, Pinecone Flower. This plant multiplies by seeds as well as red runners that you can find along the ground when you see them in the wild.